Movie Review: The Pyramid 2014

I watch this movie with some interest because I really enjoy the Mythos behind the pyramids and egyptian lore. I really think that great things could have been done with this movie. (I must say that at that time I was playing Arkham Horror with the Curse of the Dark Pharoah so was a little into the all the theme).

Let us see, you've got a discover of a new pyramid so you can make a great atmospheric / claustrophobic first person movie but somewhere along the way you lose yourself (well inside a pyramid is easy to be lost).

You've got this gorgeous babe (Ashley Hinshaw) and her team of archaeologists find a hidden pyramid but at that time Cairo his facing their spring revolution so they are expelled. But they have a little time left and so they try to adventure forth. Well from this moment on this (and before that) the movie is almost a found footage of some sorts and that kind of movies are coming a lot these days and either they are done properly or they are crap.

In this movie the characters are kind of lame. You've got a Lara Croft wannabe (We almost  see her boobs o- totally relevant to the plot) and the men are weak and behave stupidly.

The antagonists, well, you've got some monsters that live on that Pyramid for thousand of years, cats that the Egyptians worship and fear them and you've got a beast part man part jackal called anubis. As I said, the last part of the movie is indeed a history lesson of Anubis and the Egyptian Lore which I really enjoy their intepretation.

Bad acting (of some actors) and worst of all the bad horror mistakes (I've heard something, I heard it too, let split up, ok) bad pov mechanics and one of the things that upset me is that if you don't have money don't make cheap CGI - Anubis effects were horrible

"Descent" or "Alien vs Predators" are influences of this movie, no doubt about it and by the way, if you are trying to make a movie with an historic/mythological setting then get the facs right. Some mythological are just wrong. If you don't know who Anubis was then you should do a movie about Him.

So, should you watch the movie? 
I don't think that this movie deserves are 1 or 2 in my chart. They have some redeeming qualities and entertain me for one hour and half. If you enjoy Egyptian Mythology but are not bothered if the producers and creators know who the heck was one of the gods then go ahead. If you like first person shooters and want to watch a movie in the same likeness then go ahead. If you just want to see Ashley Hinshaw boobs then look no further. It is not a clean shot but you get the 'picture'. 3.5/10 

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