Review: The Daleks: The Destroyers

The Daleks: The Destroyers The Daleks: The Destroyers by Terry Nation
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- The destroyers is a little short story that follows Sara Kingdom (IF anyone know, she is in the first story the Daleks appear with the First Doctor, Susan, Ian & Barbara. She appears in 8 of the 12 story episodes arc. Unfortunally most of those episodes dissapeared.

In this story the Doctor does not appear. For what I've search the internet this Lost Story was supposedly the pilot of an spin-off series focusing on the Daleks made by Terry Nation. Unfortunally that came not to be. This is most unfortunate because afterwards BBC took the Daleks out of Doctor Who but later in the series they returned.

This story is set in the future as a space exploration team guarding their dome are attacked by the Daleks. Several members of Special Space Security (SSS) are sent to investigate including Sara Kingdom - her brother David Kingdom was in the dome- presumbly dead), an android Mark Seven and the captain Jason.

After they arrived they learn that some of the personal were capture and they try to free them. The Daleks escape the Dome taking David with them. The ending sugests that this was the first phase of a master plan to attack Earth.

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