Review: Doctor Who: Vengeance of the Stones (Destiny of the Doctor 3)

Doctor Who: Vengeance of the Stones by Andrew Smith
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Hello friends.
It's me again. I am in a Doctor Who Phase so I am hearing some Doctor who adventures in audiobooks.

Well, for those who do not know, Doctor Who doesn't exist for the past 10 years with the beginning of season 1 in 2005. Well that was a continuation (not REBOOT) of a older series that started in 1963 and went for 26 years. There are 26 Seasons plus 11 from the XXI century.

In my home country Doctor Who never passed on TV and I didn't watch the first years of Doctor Who when it started in 2005. I am late watcher. Being a very strange person I like to have it all and watch it all even if it's impossible and Doctor Who is impossible. There are more than 700 episodes and more than 1000 audiobooks and not counting with the novelzations...

But I started from the First Doctor and went to the Second and stopped at the Third. I will try to restart and learn everything I can.

The third Doctor (my least favourite so far from the two previous ones) is a bit strange duck. He was stranded on Earth because of his actions on time-travel and messing things up. So he is trying to fix Tardis and at the same time helping UNIT with the Brigadier.

In this tale, the setting was very Doctor Who "version" Three - That I have to say. After the dissapearence of a plane in Scotland The Doctor and the Brigadier travel to Scotland to investigate the matter. They are helped by Mike Yates which tells them what is happenning. The Doctor imediately knows that the Recumbent stones they have found have something to do with it.

It's a fun story with the builders of the stone, which turn out to be alien beings, have been on statis for four thousand years. It seems that the inhabitants of the bristish islands messed them up so they went to "sleep" to cure their injuries only to be awaken by humans because of roadwork machines.

They wanted to know if mankind is more "gentle" now or if they are a threat. After the initial confrontation the Doctor says that their world has been lost and they are all that remain from their kind. But it seems the Brigadier doesn't trust the Doctor and the army kill one of the aliens so they make a plot to kill mankind.

But as I said, the Doctor is everywhere and the threat is not that real. That ruined the story for me. I felt no danger whatsoever. Enfin. A fun one-hour story but unless you watch the series don't bother.

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