Review: In the Dark - Richard Laymon

In the Dark In the Dark by Richard Laymon
My rating: 6 of 10 stars
Reading Time: 01/02/2016 to 17/02/2016

Another Laymon novel.

What can you expect?
Sex, action and some Horror.

So, this girl starts playing a game with a person that entitles himself as MOG (Master of Games). First of is all simple - if you discover the clue you gain some money (always double the amount of the previous clue) and the next clue. The firsts couples of ones are simple, go somewhere, talk with someone but as the reward goes up, 1600 dollars or such it starts getting more difficult or bold - go someplace that a dog is guarding; go to a house and sleep in a coffin and such...

As the story progress it starts getting creepy with MOG living messages on our protagonist body and she craving for more... At the same time, she meets a guy and becomes involved with him and we get a lot of sex scenes.

So, is this book good or not? Well, if you are a woman maybe not because the main protagonist starts to become a craving little whore who would do a guy for money... so what Laymon is saying is that if you offer 2000$ to a woman - she would sleep with you. After all is just sex right?

But, the question remains... what were you capable of doing for 40,000$ or 128,000$ - would you have sex with someone? Would you be a slave for a day? Kill someone? Kill an animal? What? I bet most of you are saying - nah I wouldn't but.... we don't know. Maybe we would if the right combination occur...

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