Book Review: The City of the Living Dead - Fletcher Pratt

The City of the Living DeadThe City of the Living Dead by Fletcher Pratt
My rating: 8 of 10 stars

Nice little story. First of all I must remind myself that this was written in 1930 and this short story tell us of a world where everyone was connected to "Adventures" that supposedly was a way of experience new emotions. Because of this new thing called Radio wars were made obselete then came the machines and man stop working. Then almost everything that makes us human dissapear men try new things... this new thing was the virtual world.

I advice all to read. It's quite short with only 30 pages. It deals with Scientific Breakthroughs, scientific experiments that will be used in the wrong way (atomic energy anyone?) and the definition of what qualifies a being as Human. Is AI so good? What would happen to humankind?

Go read it. There are some references to white people being superior (in the 30's this was a normal assumption) so be prepared. I don't critizise it because it's from that time... It ancient greece it was normal sex with teenagers and boys... Am I to criticize it? Different times... different views.

It's free and avaiable on Wikisource.

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