Review: Pandora's Planet - Christopher Anvil

Pandora's Planet by Christopher Anvil
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This small tale was quite good. Written in 70's this SF tale follows some elements typical of that time. Don't aspect overly SF elements to dictate your enjoyment. Expect humorous situations mix with some criticisms of mankind.

Basically this book deals with a invasion by a intergalactic force which defeats humankind because of differences between the communists and the usa and other countries. We follow our main character, Horsip, as he tries to cope with humankind.

The book is a criticism. Don't expect anything more. The differences between the cultures and how they deal with them.

"-When we have dealings with these Earthen, we get carried off a basket?
-Yes, Sir.
-How do they do it?
-When they get through talking, everything looks different.
-How do they accomplish that?
-I think they emphasize whatever favors their argument.
-They have a weakness. If they restricted themselves to truth, they would be strong. With this procedure they will take up false positions.
-Nevertheless, we have a serious problem. They have gulled our men into giving up valuables space ships in return for- let's see - fancy ground-cars, cabin cruisers, vacation trailers, sauna baths, the collected adventures of sherlock holmes, ariplanes, undeveloped real estate, a private ocean backyard swimming pool... "Roffins look up." This isn't very promising.
Mackling growled. - And all this is against regulations. Every one of these transactions is a capital offence."

It's quite interesting what the writer is trying to say to us. We are too different. Every conqueror - do the easy part - which is conquer the adversary. But difficult is to rule them. Most of the times the conquerors become conquered. Afghanistan and Iraq says something? There was always rebels. Winning is easy - staying in power is hard.

Since this book has only 192 pages my advice is - Go read it.

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