Movie Review: As Above, As Below (2014) October Horror Fest (06)

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Synopsis - with a bit of review
This movie is in the first person perspective camera as a woman (Scarlett - Bristish) goes into Iran to explore some hidden caves that were discovered with some ancient, Aramaic I think, writings and she must do it fast because they are going to be destroyed. She finds some hidden statue called Rose Key (oh by the way - she is an alchemy scholar) and afterwards the tunnels collapse but she recorded it all... At time she sees someone hanging but since the tunnels are collapsin

g she doesn't dwell much on it.

It seems she is searching for  Flammel's Stone or more accurate the Philosopher's Stone - that mythical stone that grants immortal life and at the same time can turn base metals (lead for example) into gold.

Scarlett enlists George, the former boyfriend and with the Cameramen Benji which is making a documentary on Alchemy.

Funny that on the back of Flammel's Tomb they encounter something written that roughly translated gives rhymes in English? That was a poor choice.

Interesting that the Catacombs are almost a environment itself. There are weird people there. People who only want to discover new places and such. There are more than 200 miles of tunnels. Some area of Catacombs have millions of bones - there are more than 6 million bones of people there. But that's only a part of the Catacombs. The Rest are old mines and such.  Oh by the way, there are people who make festivals, cinemas, art galleries beneath Paris. There are even groups of people who are not affliated with no-one and fix things, including some old clock that hasn't been use for 50 years. Interesting bunch. I Bet that in Portugal we do have some catacombs as well - not filled with bones as Paris. I bet that there are also urban...This is probably the main reason I enjoy this movie..
End of Intermission...

They enlist the help of some guides- Papillon and his girlfriend Souxie and their friend Zed. As they went into the catacombs they go through a place that supposedly nobody went before - but there are Nai Swastikas on the ceiling. Strange no?

A Telephone rings, in the catacombs and it wants to talk with Scarlett. Then they found a friend of the urban guides that supposedly had been lost in the catacombs several years before. How did he survived? Nobody asks it... and nobody realizes that he is acting very strange... most likely because he was done there 3 years?

They discover a Knight's Templar's tomb with a passage where they find some hidden chamber with gold. I wonder, how come there is light there. Talk to soon -They try to explain it - but honestly? Bah...

She soon discovers the Philosopher's Stone and remove it from the wall as the rest of the guides try to break the door that leads to a treasure - oh my god, are they dumb? Have they not see films of grave robbers before? - Indiana Jones maybe? Of course it's trapped... Dumb ass.

The ceiling of the tomb collapse but the Philosopher's Stone saved the Souxie's arm.

Then some strange things start to happen... For this moment on everything went down to hell (sorry about the pun) and the horror experiences begins (and not advisable to anyone who is claustrophobic). But first - the Guide's friend "The Mole" says they must go down (and he was right, I wonder why he help them).

They go deeper, an allusion to levels of hell maybe? But before everything the crazy friend attacks the french girl killing her outright. Then a woman appears with a baby in her arms making Benji fall and die. George starts seeing her little brother, who had died several years before drown in a cavern. Then Papillon sees a burning car with someone inside and start saying it wasn't his fault. He is then swallowed by the burning car and disappears...

George is attacked by some stone creature and yet again she uses the Philosopher's Stone but this time it does not work. She then realizes that she must go back because that was not the Philosopher Stone but it cure the french girl arm so? What? She went back and confronts her nightmarish suicidal father and arrives at the tomb again. This time she sees a mirror and understand that the true philosopher stone is inside her? Honestly? Ok... a bit of let down...

She goes back and kisses George and touching him healing immediately. Then they try to escape the nightmarish fiends and apparitions but are trapped in a place with only a well. Scarlett assures the other two friends that they must believe and jump and jump they do and after a fall of 10 seconds they arrive in a place unharmed where the hole in the ceiling is missing and find a manhole in the floor which they first try to pull and then they push and right. They watch the manhole to see sky but it's on the ground. They escape safely. We see Scarlett in the documentary saying it was a successful one.

Really enjoy this horror film - mainly because it leaves a normal way of doing terror. First the claustrophobic experience which is quite interesting. Then the experience they give us on hell - what is hell? Hell is full of demons and such is it not? But what if Hell is already inside us? Our nightmarish problem and unresolved questions come to us before we die... It was very interesting notion. Advisable.
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