Movie Review: Spiders 3D (2013) October Horror Fest (23)

The twentieth third movie I watched was Spiders 3D from 2013. This movie appear after I heard about Arachnophobia on TV ( a old movie with killing-spiders). In that movie some hidden-new spiders from the amazons mix with more traditional american spiders produced some hard killing spiders and the town became under-siege. There is more phobia feeling - that I never really forget. 

So, I wanted something new, and this was it. 2013 Spiders 3D.

There were some spiders in a URSS space station that basically killed everyone but stay there... One day a meteorite crash into the station and it crash into new york. Right from the start the spiders start killing rats and such. The rats escape and they close the metro station. They try to find out what was happening and some people living in the subway were already dead. 

Meanwhile - the spiders become more adventurous and expanded. The military kicks in and says there is a virus in air and evicts several blocks. We later find out that these are not normal spiders (yeah, the size of them didn't gave that away) but they are not even earthlings. Basically URSS found out a ship and use that DNA into earthling creatures so they could inhabit - but apparently only spiders in zero gravity worked.  As they fell to the ground, they deposited a queen which will give birth to a lot more spiders - but apparently the males are capable of producing other males... the american army are in it for the queen because she makes webs than turn things invisible... 

Meanwhile we've got a man, who with his soon to be ex-wife, are trying to get to their child that turn 12 (this is very important...) As the spiders go up into the ground the military try to kill them but it seems they were trained by the StormTroopers of Star Wars because they almost fail everytime...
Meanwhile the spider queen was found and it's a big nasty girl - check the cover (Btw the cover has a guy holding a child and a weapon; that doesn't happen...)

In the end, when bazukkas, tanks and helicopters fail the man who was trying to find her daughter kill it by exploding the tunnels they were in...

Oh my god, this movie is bad in so many ways... the special effects, the spiders plot, the army plot, the man and soon to be ex-wife that come out together again - basically, everything. And the actors? Oh the pain to see the man and his wife... the child was the only one who stand out... And child? She turn 12 on the movie but I think she was a lot older... She look a lot older, almost a 16/17. I dig up a bit, she is 19 now, so she was 15/16 then? Look a photo...
OK look - does she look 12? I think not... but Hollywood always did that... Yeah.. I once watch a movie that the son was 5 years younger than the mother (in real life of course...)

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