Book Review: The Heaven Makers by Frank Herbert

The Heaven Makers The Heaven Makers by Frank Herbert
My rating: 5.5 of 10 stars

This was one quick read and unfortunally from nowadays standard is not that interesting. This book deals with two stories that eventually join. In one hand you've got immortal alien beings (Chem) that use humanity as we use television and in the other hand you've got the current story that aliens are seeing dealing with a Man in a story with murder and love.

The story deals mainly with psychological aspects of humanity and at the same time with the concept of immortality.

Quite interesting ending where Frank Herbert share is views on both topics. It's a nice reading, fast and what you can expect from herbert. Dealing with nowadays standard is considered a novella, with 150 pages, and outdated. But for those who want to read the primordials of Sci-fi give a try with this one.

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