Movie Review: Revelation Road 1 & 2 (2013)

 This is Mad Max for Christians...

This should have been a mini-series instead of two movies. But okay. If you are not going to watch the two movies then don't watch the first. It's incomplete.

These two movies are for christian hardcore bikers only. Or christians who enjoy action movies.

Basically you've got this guy who is not a christian and he works as a salesman. He then saves a couple of old man and a young girl from some biker's gang. He is then hold off in town because he killed 3 people. The biker gang leader was not that happy and plans revenge. 

From this moment, in the first movie we get into the mind of the salesman and his struggle. Supposedly he was train, with some special things, and feels no fear. In the second movie we go to the mind of the bike leader and his daughter and we learn on how they turn out the way they were. Meanwhile Christ or God or It comes down to earth and takes most people up the heavens. Only people who believe in him and accept him as his saviour. The rest are well stuck. But he has a mission for the salesman and he is given by the young girl he saved. 

These two movies suck. I am sorry. The all Christian stuff really turns me off and at times I scowl the movie and planned to give it up. 

Edit: I've just find out that there is a third movie - Revelation Road: Black Rider (2014). Very strange... Let me try to check it up.
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