Movie Review: Asylum (2014)

Asylum is a movie within a movie within a movie.

We follow 2 stories... 
We've got two stories within one another. Basically we've got a director who tries to shoot a movie in a country because it's cheaper and that story is set as a riot squad tries to uncover a  mystery behind some crazy bunch revolt on a asylum. 

Well this was or is the movie. Then we follow two guys watching that movie trying to make a clip or synopsis/preview. So as we watch the riot squad we hear two guys talking about the movie they are watching... making jokes and talking about trivial stuff. Probably stuff we usually thing but never say out loud...

What's funny is that the story itself is a horror with many clinches and some stupid plot full of holes and we are watching as directors commentary on top of it.

I must say it was funny as hell watching the two guys saying stupid stuff. But as the main story  (if there is one) it's quite bad. Bad acting, bad plot, bad decision and so on...

We know that a lot of movies are filmed overseas (or as we europeans call it... Europe). Game of Thrones per example is filmed on Ireland, Spain. Some parts were recorded in Malta and/or Croatia. This is just one example of many. Of course it's cheaper. Is this a critique? I don't know.

Nevertheless it entertain me.
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