Book Review: Zombieslayer (2012)

Zombieslayer Zombieslayer by Nathan Long
My rating: 7 of 10 stars

This was the last book written by Nathan Long in the Chronological saga. There were four other books written by two writers that don't follow the story set in Zombieslayer and basically they are set in the 20ish years gap that exist between William King and Nathan Long novels.

For what I know Kinslayer (End of Times) is the sequel to Zombieslyer.

What did I like about it? Well Nathan Long is not William King and althought I didn't enjoy this novel as much as other from Nathan Long I was not disappointing. I read it in a week which is a good thing to me. The last one hundred pages were read in one night.

Basically this story follows Shamanslayer as they escape the undead horde to a keep where they must hold until reinforcements arrive. The story is not that special, there are a lot of characters, a lot of mystery, a lot of action and some parts were really tense. In the end nothing happens.... Kemmler is defeated and Krell is killed.

We also dwell a bit more about the Slayers grudge and doom. Gotrek is keen to make Snorri remember the reason he is seeking his doom. He shows, great friendship towards him and at times even putting his own doom on hold. This is very strange and I am eagerly waiting on why.... Maybe Kinslayer will dwell more on it.

We also learn more Gotrek and Felix "symbiosis". Max contemplate that several times they should have been killed (Gotrek should have died when he was cut by Krell's weapon) but didn't died. In the end Kat (the girl from the previous book) was rescued by the gang but she is on the brink of dying BUT if Gotrek's magic works on Felix it should work on her as well.

Again, good reading material but not on part of Daemonslayer and Beastslayer, both are two of my favorite books of all times...

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