Well well well... Another month has passed. 
Lets get to the point. It was a good way. With a ratio of 7 episodes per day what can I say unless I say it was a great month?

Well, in terms of anime I've watched 176 episodes. 28 episodes of TV Series and 7 movies. Which gives us 211. Which ties best with December of 2016 which I also watch 211 episodes BUT December has 31 days and April has 30 so...

In terms of watching time this was the best ever... 6670 minutes (give it or take)....

In terms of finished animes I only finish 3.
Sankarea: The Undying Love; Hyouka and Sengoku Choujou Giga. Why do you ask. Well mainly because I've watching Spring animes and they are around 30 or so. I must say that in the Summer animes I am going to change a bit because this doesn't give much space to watch other things. I am going to choose what to watch.

In terms of TV Series I start and finish Inside Nº9 - a TV black-comedy TV Series and Started and ended Walking Dead Season 3. I am now watching Season 4.

In terms of movies I hated watching Attack on Titan (Live Action movie) since I love the anime but they screw up. I am going to make a review in the near future. Also watched Emergo; Arrival; Pandorica; Passengers & Reclusion. Really enjoy Passengers and Arrival.

I also watched some anime mini-series & movies from the 80's and 90's. Most of them very violent and not advisable to much people. Violence Jack (3 Eps) & Devilman (3Eps) are quite nasty. Particular Devilman... very hard to watch...

Also watch Gunn (Battle Angel Alita). Very sad anime. James Cameron has the rights to do a movie BUT I don't know how he will do it without the gore but that would be something to watch. Also watch Jin-Roh: the Wolf Brigade another sad anime and Hoshi no Koe - another (as all of this I mention) very sad anime... The 80's/90's really made some sad animes. If you ended any of this animes with a smile you are probably very disturbed.
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