Book Review: Os Cinco Suspeitos by Agatha Christie

Os Cinco SuspeitosOs Cinco Suspeitos by Agatha Christie
My rating: 6 of 10 stars

Another Poirot story. This one deals with the something that happened 20 years before and one girl wants to find out if her mother is a cold blood killer.

It was very interesting novel because everything is made in flashbacks (well part of the story is). Unfortunally as other novels by Christie, (late novels) Poirot is just there... Basically you can read without reading any line by Poirot and in the end read the conclusion... I think if she had made this into a miss marple (well you would have only to change from Mr to Miss).

Yet again, Christie gives her opinion on "modern" times and how young people suck. She truly depicts young people. Every single book written after the 30's Christie criticizes youth...

There are better Poirot novels out there...but it's not garbage. There isn't any Christie's books that I would consider "bad".

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