Book Review: Exodus by Mel Odom

Exodus Exodus by Mel Odom
My rating: 5 of 10 stars

I don't know if I should read the second and third novel of this book. There are a couple of questions to be answered but... It just don't appeal to me.

But first things first.

The Setting :
London in the near future is invaded by some hellish demons that the Templars have warned that they would come butthe Church had other thoughts and instead of that they burned them in the stakes nearly 700 years ago. The Templars even if most of them were burned at the stake some escape and proliferate hidden from society. They married only within their "fate" and try to live underground. But as the hellish demons attack London as the arm forces try to strike they are butchered because their weapons don't do sh*t to them. Only the weapons from the Templars.

- The Setting as I said above is quite good. Even if at the same time is a criticism. See below.

- The Mysticism / The Factions / The Faith.
So you've got the templars and the cabals. The Templars just want them destroy but the Cabals want to study them so they control them. But even after one party of "Cabalists" destroyed by the Demons, still they don't change their ways. The Knights Templar are quite interesting bunch of guys. I really like them. And the magic within the book is also quite good. This is quite a book about Magic vs Technology.

- Warren, the daemon-marked human. This character develops as hell (sorry the pun). He starts being a fragile man and after several incidents he transforms into am evil (maybe anti-hero) character.

-Merrihim the daemon. I really like his lines. I felt that he was undoubtly an evil being. Nothing good or humane came from him/it.

- Knights Templar - Quite interesting bunch of guys. I really like their society.

- The setting. It's a praise but... Why London? Why only london attack? So they butchered every single army guy from britain? They went in mass and died? What a heck are the other countries doing? I don't believe that USA or the European Union would do nothing to stop the daemons and help the englishmen. It to far fetch. The only attack was in England. What are they doing? It's just like there is only one nation and the rest of the world is just sitting watching. But as someone says in the book that if the demons left England the USA would nuke them. Right!

- The battle between the main force of the daemons and the Templars. All templars were killed but... Why? Why did they do it? In the story the rest of the templars say that it was done so the demons stop searching the Templars. Just stupid, senseless battle.

- Leah... she is more than meets the eye.

Side Notes
- Our Main Character - Templar Simon. He is just there. So he must go back to find his father then he turned into a white knight. Yes... Our other main character, if you can call it that, is far interesting that him.

Final Thoughts / Advisable
I can't reccommend this book to anyone in particular. If I don't know If I am ending it how can I recommend it? This book has one good interesting dark sided character that fells from grace. You've got some interesting setting with a gigantic flaw and the story don't evolve. If not for Warren I would say - I won't be reading the second and third book of this trilogy. But Warren really is a nice character. Let us see what time will tell me about finish the trilogy. I sure don't like starting a book and don't finish.

Nevertheless if you enjoyed the game and miss that world - go for it.

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