Book Review: X the Unknown by Shaun Hutson

X the Unknown X the Unknown by Shaun Hutson
My rating: 4 of 10 stars

This novel is what it is. It's a three star novel. I like the novel. I can't say it was bad or good because it wasn't. It just... was.

This novel is a remake of a 50's/60's horror novel from the famous Hammer Films. The difference is that it's set on today standard instead of that era.

There are some interesting parts but they are not solid throughout the book. The characterization is only from our main character and the rest characters are cardboard without changes. The female characters are not interesting.

The interesting parts... the effects of that monstrosity on people, on women and their babies and the decision of abortion was well done. The ending and the way they deal with the monster was another good call.

My humble opinion is this. Hammer Films was/is an important filming industry. They are accountable for more than a hundred horror films with importants characters and actors. I really enjoy (even if today standarts outdated) those films. I really want them to achieve what they are after. To re-invent the market of horror.

But in this particular novel I won't advice to anyone. It's a quick read for a train travel throughout the english countryside where this book is set.

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