Anime Review: Konbini Kareshi (Summer 2017)

Konbini Kareshi (Convenience Store Boyfriends) – another show with so bad ratings 6.25. Sure looks nice to me. It sure looks like a mix of Romance & Slice of Life… (my initial view)
o   From: Studio Pierrot
o   Theme: Slice of Life (no romance?)

   My Opinion
This anime is a mix of Romance with School and a bit of Slice of Life. I must say, first of all, that  the title is rather silly. It makes no purpose. Okay they meet sometimes near Convenience Store and  there are some scenes inside it. But to call that is like calling the anime Park Boyfriends or School Love Boyfriends or Kindergarden Wayward Boyfriends…  
This anime is very simple. There’s this guy (Mishima) who loves a girl (Mihashi) but he can’t  confess. At the same time we follow another guy (Honda) that loves  (Mashihi) – So many names alike… Interesting in the credits there are at least two more guys and two more gals and they are rarely seen. Probably the anime couldn’t cover them all - or maybe a second season would dwelt on it. Unfortunally unless I am very badly mistaken this will not get a second season. On MAL it has a rating beneath 7 but who knows..

Each episode is one month and so we jump around throughout a year. I Think it could have it’s benefits but also it has it’s hindrances – they are rather slow to make something of it. Some middle episodes we are focus on Honda and how he fell in love with Mashishi and how she fell for him. Many problems arrive since she is the epitome of hard working student with no time left in her schedule. In the latter episodes we learn that Mihashi has problems of the earth and we learn more about the love of Mishima to Mihashi. It seems when they were in the kindergarden Mashihi gave him a book and he felt in love with her. With that book (Mermaid tale) he focus on swimming. Well fast forward and he always look up at Mihashi but it seems  she has a heart condition like her sister had and she died. The last two episodes we follow them as she tries to first deal with love and second amassing courage to make the operation.
This anime is nothing spectacular or anything that will make you cry or even yearn for more. I Think this slow motion anime focus on love and the interaction between characters.  Don’t expect anything more or else. I enjoy romances and this was one of those animes I was eagerly waiting each week. They transmitted  a sense of peace and everlasting love (as most animes do). They always have love since ever and never doubt and so on… princess and price fairy-tale love.

My Advice
Watch it if you like romance animes but don’t expect anything that make you think it’s one of your favorite but you won’t be disappointed. It's a nice easy going 12 episodes anime. 

The Ending (No spoilers): It's somewhat close. Probably benefit from a second season but to me the story of those characters is done.

Story (Plot)            6        
Art / Animation    6        
Sound                      8        
World Building     6
Character Building 8     
Enjoyment                         7
Overall    7


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