Movie Review: Ju-On: The Curse (1) (2000) October Horror Fest (21)

Ju-On: The Curse is the first movie of these series. This one was not the first that the rest of the world watch because this was made directly to video. Two years later the same guy made the same movie but with better budget.

The movie sounds and it's cheap because the budget was not that high but still it's spooky (not as spooky as the 2002 version) but nevertheless faithful to the book I wrote. The ending was a bit rushed in my opinion but I think it's most the budget fault than anything else. The story it's really faithful to the novel. Don't watch the american version with Sarah Michelle Gellar - although it's one of the best american movies it's not in the same league of the 2002. This one could be skippable if you want.

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Several Protagonist
- Not Nudity 
- No Happy Ending at all
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