Movie Review: Viral (2016) October Horror Fest (20)

Viral was one of those movies I expected more and got nothing in return. Basically we've got this sisters who are in adolescent and they are home alone. Then a virus (not a virus but a parasite) is unleash and their town is under siege because this parasite is like one we have that makes rats go after cats so the cat can eat it and pass unto the cat.

Basically it controls the host. This one was the same but

a bit spookier since things come out of their ears and mouths as it search for other people to contaminate. They also have some kind of social interaction amongst themselves.

The movie doesn't hint how far or how this parasite came to be. It doesn't even say how and if they could control it. One of the sisters sadly got it but young teens control it where top scientists could not... Yeah

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Female Protagonist
- Not Nudity 
- Happy Ending 


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