Movie Review: Here Alone (2016) October Horror Fest (25)

Here Alone is a movie that could have been much more but it isn't and it's it's fault.

An epidemic brakes out of proportion and a man and woman with their baby tries to survive. Part of the movie it's her alone and then we get flashbacks on her life with her baby and father. 

Eventually she helps a man and his stepdaughter and as time progress she connects with them. Unfortunally this is a horror movie and things don't end well. The flashbacks we get to see her husband and child getting the fever and she even has to kill her own child.

It's simple and could have been much better - unfortunately it doesn't makes us care that much for any of the characters. There isn't much history behind and we don't know anything about the plague itself except that people go crazy shit doing cannibalistic stuff.

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Female Protagonist
- Nudity for only a couple of seconds
- Not Happy Ending
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