TV Series: Zapped (Season 1 & 2)

First of all not to confuse with another Zapped TV Series for children.

I am going to review Zapped a British fantasy comedy TV Series with two seasons under her belt. The First season was only 3 episodes and the second season with 6 episodes.

First of all the feeling I have watching this series is a the same as reading a Terry Pratchett novel with a hint of Harry Potter (subtle but's it's there)

Each episode you will have the smile in your face from the beginning to the end. Some episodes are truly comic. Its that British comedy that UK cannot do it. It's not ROTFLOL but LOL... you understand this? 

We follow Brian Weaver a temp that it's transported to another world where he meets and befriends a soothsayer (with hardly any knowledge of divinity) a dunked wizard and a half-giant half-dwarf (How did they made love??) plus a ex-warrior turned bartender that is always saying "it reminds me that time..." but no-one lets him talk.

AsI said it's a comedy that puts silly situations and make you not laugh but smile and tilt your head.

Each episode we follow Brian as he tries to get home but every time something happens. With each episode 25 minute mark it might feel short BUT it feels a lot more because there are a lot more going on and a lot of situations happen in such short time.

Should I recommend it to you?

Well if you like Britcom then you will enjoy this one without any doubt.If you enjoy Terry Pratchett or Fantasy with a hint of comedy then go ahead. After all with 25 minutes watch the first episode and decide yourself. It's not the best series BUT it's good 7/10.


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