Anime Review: Ito Junji: Collection (Winter 2018)

What a disappointing show - it's going to be a small review. I really had high hopes from this one but they felt apart after watching a couple of episodes. Most of them are bad! But before all, bear in mind that I never read the manga so I can't judge or compare to it.

Basically this is a compilation of short stories, some of them are connected among themselves - I think they are all part from the same world.

Each story tries to dive into the aspect of mundane and facing the unknown. Unfortunately most of the stories are not that frightful but disgusting lol Sorry :D That grease story almost made me throw up because stupidly I was eating haha.

But overall I think it's better (way better) than Yami Shibai or Sekai no Yami Zukan.

I am sorry I can't say much because the problem with the show each story is over simplistic but it drag on. I think because it was made before as a manga (and from what I heard each story had only some panels) and maybe a 10/12m episode was a bit too much? Who knows... It's pretty hard to make horror anime - can't put my finger on why but there aren't that many with high scores besides Higurashi and a couple others but they are more psychological horror than anything else.... 

How btw why mixing horror with comedy beats me and a couple stories add it...

Sorry for the small bad review but unfortunally there isn't much to tell.... Watch one episode then decide if it for you. Animation is quite different, pretty much dark colours (look at the cover).


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