Anime Review: Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san (Winter 2018)

Lets talk about one of the animes of the season. Not just for me but to the community in general. After all it has a rating in Mal of 7.92 (at the time of my writing) and you ask me why is that?

Well, Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san is a story about love. What?? You ask. It is. It's a story about love in middle school and most of us don't remember our early years of middle school and can't phantom to remember if we felt love OR how we express it. One thing I know for sure - after all I am 37 now so...

Boys usually tend to pick on girls they love or at least care (or lust?) about. We tease and tease - that's the way young teens mind work. And thus enter these series BUT it's not they boy teasing the girl but instead the girl teasing the boy and at the same time understanding that both love one another but they really can't express.

She seems more mature giving hints that she likes him but he is a boy and thus become timid and screws up - while she teases some more. We never know what she really feels until the last episode.

I am not going into much spoilers (If we can call it that because from the start we know what this show is all about) but even if you have no interest in romance you will enjoy seeing Nishikata losing again and again against Takagi who is a mastermind in Nishikata psychic.

The 12 episodes follow the lives of these two young teens and each episode is divided in several segments (where Takagi-San teases Nishikata or Nishikata plots to tease Takagi-san). In most episodes we also see small 3/4m segments with three of his collegues and their interactions (Mina, Yukari & Sanae).

For those who do not know (I didn't) this anime is based on two manga. The main manga is obvisouly Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san  and the small three girls manga is called Ashita wa Doyoubi.

The Art and animation is very simple but works very nicely in this kind of anime. Takagi-san and Nishikata expressions are priceless. The sound and voice acting is great as well. No qualms. Not gaining an award but they do their job.

Talking about the show, you ask me, isn't a bit repetitive formula? No! There is a charm with each episode and never gets dull. With so much stuff going on on bullying you might ask but I will say - no. It's never bullying. They tease one another although Nishikata sucks on teasing her back after all she gain pretty easily read his expressions and mind.

Btw, in terms of character development it's one of those shows we see a main character (Nishikata) really develp throughout the anime since we follow him most of the time. 

It's not an anime to watch in one go lest will be boring no doubt. It was made to watch a single episode between more serious anime. It's an anime to watch before sleeping OR in my opinion they should have made it a 5/6m anime but instead of 12 episodes they could have made 52 or something like that. That would be very interesting!

Well, to me, it was a very interesting show to watch throughout the season and I didn't let accumulate 3 or 4 episodes and watch it in one go like most shows.

Spoilers Alert 
There is also a Manga about Takagi-San and her adventurous with Nishikiata and their daughter. Funny as well. Hope someday it will be put on anime like this one.

Btw, this show is a lot alike Tonari-no Seiki-Kun minus the romance part and in this show there isn't a tease per se... 


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