Anime Review: Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho (Winter 2018)

"A place further than the universe..." This is it one of the anime of the year. Not season but year. I have no doubt (although it's just the beginning) that this one and Violet Evergarden will be on top 10 or top 5 of most people. Mahoutsukai no Yome as well but unfortunately this one began last year so I don't know where will it be - unfortunately (again) for the awards Boku Hero Academia is coming and probably will take the prize (even without airing), oh and Steins Gate and Attack on Titan... But original works? This three will be on top 10 no doubt.

So why this anime is good? 8.66 on Mal but I bet will get higher as months and years pass.This is how you make Slice of Life with a great lesson. There are dozens upon dozens of youtube videos that really talk about this better I will ever will.. Here 5 reviews I enjoyed in these videos.

So basically this is a story about 4 new-friends who want to travel to Antarctica. Each one for different reason but they ally with one another to go there.

Shirase (voice of Kana Hanazawa) is trying to go to Antarctica because she wants to go where her mother was lost 3 years ago. Mari wants to go because one day she wake up and was bored of her monotonous life. Yuzuki a child actress (Saori Hayami) needs to go because of some work. She is the main reason all other girls go and Hinata a curious and friendly girl always playing tricks on her friends. As the serious develop, so the characters themselves develop. We learn more about each one, motivation, fears and such.

There are a lot of other side characters, each one pretty well developed since they are only side characters (from the cook, to the girl who left her boyfriend and is afraid of him leaving to the captain (and close friend of Shirase's mother Toudou.

The first 6 to 7 episodes is setting the mood and what they are making to go to Antarctica -this anime went so far to make an episode in Australia and other south east Asia country. We've go to learn about the conditions on what they are doing to achieve that and the last episodes is about the Antarctica expedition as a all plus the culmination of the girls dreams (most of all Shirase).

This anime is a wake up call to people who are standing still and don't know what to do. Don't go to Antarctica BUT start living. This anime took the anime community by storm. IT look like another Cute Girls doing Cute Things but it's a serious anime full of drama.

Prepare to cry in the 12 episode... You will.

Then the last episode (The 13) really was the culmination of a perfect series. It's about realizing what it meant "Antarctica" and what it means to have friends. 

No doubt 10 out 10 and a top 10 of my favorite animes without no reservation. Wish for a new anime - about this girls trying to return to their everyday life. Sure seems hard to return from a journey of our life. After an fantastic holidays it's always hard to return...

About the art and animation? This is Madhouse jewel without any doubt. Perfect little anime. Great music, beautiful Intro and Ending. This is one anime I would without any reservation suggest people who never watch an anime. 


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