Book Review: The Lone Drow

The Lone Drow The Lone Drow by R.A. Salvatore

I enjoy the novel. IT took me a while to finish but in the end it was a nice reading that really made me wanna read the next novels in a row.

The tale we follow Drizzt as he tries to recover from the supposedly loss of all his friends. Meanwhile Catti-brie & Wulfgar try to make a stand against the Orcs while Bruenor is almost non-existent since he is in a coma. We also follow Regis as he tries to unite the dwarves in war.

Probably a third of the novel we follow other characters that added to a almost epic fantasy series but unfortunately I don't care about most of them. We follow the drows, Obould, the two elves & other minor characters...

Overall a nice addition but I wished more Drizzt the Hunter. 7/10

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