Book Review: The Daemon's Curse - Dan Abnett & Mike Lee - Malus Darkblade I

Author : Dan Abnett & Mike Lee
Book : Darkblade - Daemon's Curse (Book I)
Pages : 383 plus glossary

Warrior. Betrayer. Monster. Even among the treacherous dark elves, Malus Darkblade stands out as a study in utter ruthlessness. When he steals a map that leads to a secret power hidden deep within the Chaos Wastes, Malus collects his cut-throat warriors and sets off to seek his fortune. Their journey takes them into the madness of Chaos and horrors that cause even a dark elf to quake in fear.

This is the first book I've read about Dark Elves. What to expect? A lot. I bought this book and read it all together in a few days.

I've already have seen/read the comic book of Malus DarkBlade. And what a book it was. I was all interested to see this book and my interested not only was fulfilled but increased. I've got here the second book and after reading the one I am reading I am starting that one. As I read it somewhere there will be five books.

This book is about a anti-hero Malus Darkblade. A dark elf. The plot is this of the books is that of Malus who is an ambitious dark elf warrior learns the location of a powerful relic and decides he wants it for himself. Possessed by a powerful daemon, he must undertake an epic quest to save his very soul.
I bet that if you read the book you will hate and have feelings to kill him but you won't. Not 'cause you can't but 'cause you are going to be so connected by his story that you will not gonna be able to put it down and curse the writers for making him that way and by not published the all books in one time.

I like it a lot. You see Malus fighting every type of race/creature you would imagine. You see the world of Dark Elves, treachorous and evil place. You see what ambition does to a person. I began to like the determination of Malus and his band. This is a prelude to the comic books. The comic starts with the last battle in the place where malus is getting the prize is so desirous.

Afterwards he kills his band. The reason is ... Malus don't want them to see what he became. I think the band would follow him to the end of the world but the feelings were so great that he became totally berserk. Well now he's got the get 5 relics to save is soul. And only have one year to do that.
In the end of the book we see him capture the first of that relics which was in the possesion of a beastman.

Now.. let us see and read the second book...
Of course this is a book by Dan Abnett (with Mike Lee) and as all books of him their are no words to describe but "Fabulous". This is a new concept that I never exprience in other books. An Evil main character with no good feelings whatsoever. This is a different between many books which an evil personage turns to good or has a good act. Here... don't trust your life on him or else he will kill just because he likes to see the blood flowing out of you. 10/10
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