Review: Ju-On - Kei Ohishi

Title: Ju-On (novelization from Ju-On (The Grudge)
Author: Kei Ohishi
ISBN: 159582071x
Publisher: Dark Horse
Pages: 276
Reading Time: 13days (23/04/2009 to 05/05/2009)
Rating: 7/10

When I bought this book I wanted to know if a book can be as scary as a picture movie. Well it doesn't. I have seen both the Grudge version and both are scarier (the japanese is more scarier and simpler). This book adds many things to the plot and after reading this book I u nderstand more of the ju-on and the whys and some questions I wondered after seeing the movie.

Well the initial parts are way better and the plot was well conceived.I enjoyed the book and read only at night. It has some parts that make you kind of scare or disgusted if you want.

There is a part in the end when the ju-on says that of all human emotions , none is more primitive and has a longer effect on the body than hatred. The immutable proof of this can be seen in the millennia-old hatred between the jews and the palestians, serbians and muslins, the hutu and tutsi and other parties... Even love cannot erase such intense hatred. Mere love is powerless against hatred.
I would advice this book to anyone who wants to know more of japan ghost stories and learn more of the Ju-On saga. In the end is a good horror story.
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