Review: The Long Winter - John Christopher

title: The World in Winter (The Long Winter)
author : John Christopher
year: 1962
pages: 224 pages
reading time: 8 days (11/04/2009 to 18/04/2009)
rating: 7/10

This was an interesting book to read. I enjoy reading about world end scenarios.
One of the scenarios I like the most is a winterish one. Like the movie The Day After Tomorrow.
This is a interesting book to read... The first chapter was the best (and was the end) then we go the begining... What happenned and why happenned and how the characters survived. The story tells that due to natural solar fluctuations a new ice age has dawned. (don't forget that this book was written in 62.) The book itself isn't about the disaster but how the people react to it. It has everything that was popular then... things like exploring gender, racism, polititcs, colonization, customs and other themes.
The characters are believeble and they act like human beings not flesh out characters... It's funny how the writer wrote about the reversal of fortunes... the colonized countries began to colonized a barren continent.
In the end I enjoy it. The end is believable but I thought that the end was a little rushed out. A couple dozen pages more would do great.
I will continue to read more of his books.. I have Death of Grass to read next.
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