Review: Mistress of the Night - Don Bassingthwaite & Dave Gross

Title: Mistress of the Night (The Priests Book II)
Author: Don Bassingthwaite & Dave Gross
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Pages: 320
Year: 2004
Reading Time: 2 days (17/feb/2009 to 18/feb/2009)
Rating: 7/10

There are books you get involved and then there are books... Something like that. I was hospitalized when I read this book. I didn't had that many books so I read it... Maybe iff I was at home I wouldn't had finished in only two days or even finished at all...
The plot is very simple... Feena (tha main character) is a werewolf and a priestess of Selune who returns to the temple in yhuann where a Sharran cult is emerging (Sharr is the evil side of Selune... or so they think). A local wizards son (the family was very interesting and I really hope that they had a book themselves) is recruited by that Sharran Cult because he has main access to his father room.
I think the authors drag a bit on some of uninteresting parts which would be more fruitful if focusing on the main anthagonist which was portrayed very nicely... even if it has some minor cameos...
The good thing was the details about the Selune and Sharr clergy rituals, rties and hierachy.
I will not read this book again but it was entretainment... I would only advice if you play D&D
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