Review: On a Pale Horse - Piers Anthony

Book: On a Pale Horse (1st in Incarnations of Immortality)
Author : Piers Anthony
Year: 1983
Pages: 352
Rating: 9/10
Reading Time: 8 days (23/Jan/2009 to 30/Jan/2009)

This is the first book out of seven. The first is about Death. The others are War, Fate, Nature, Time, Good and Evil.

This book as I said before is focused on Death. It starts with an suicide attempted of Zane. Death comes to claim his soul but Zane instead kills Death. Zane is obliged to assume the office and his fuction is (as the previous) to collect and weight those few dying souls that aren't either primarily good or evil. Zane (unknowing) is being manipulated by a powerful magician and other Incarnations who are trying to thwart Satan who trying to start a World War III.
Death then meats Luna, the magician daughter who is fated to stop Satan. But Satan has therefore arranged her demise... Interesting is the sin conception. The Magician gives some of his sins to his daughter so he can meet Death in the end. But because of her sins (pursue of black arts) and of his father she is doom to hell. The Story then ends with Death trying to save her soul.
The book is filled with some ridicolous and hilarious situations. There are some unique situations as Science vs Magic; Death vs Satan or Good vs Evil.
I will try to read the other books this year...
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