Unfinished - The Execution Channel - Ken MacLeod

I am reading this book right now and I am going well under half the book.
What have I learn?

Fascism is Evil and Communism (and anarchism) is Good
White People are Evil and Black, Chinese, Muslims are Good
England is Evil and Scotland is Good

This is a political book. Worse. This is Propaganda book.

I've read "Turners Diaries" by Andrew MacDonald but I've also read "Aftermath" by Levar Burton. One says the black people should die and the other says let the white people die.
Well this book Execution Hour is a Communist book. It's a book that say everyone is evil with the exception with the hard-working communists and anarquists..

I truly hate this peoples. Everyone. They are all the same. Preaching a lesson but the end is the same. Kill the other bastard.

I will continue to read the book because I don't believe letting the book half done and because I still believe Macleod can do a good work on its stories..

I really hope he reads this post.

My grandfather was an anarchist. He made bombs against the regime of Salazar in Portugal. What did he get? Several years in one of the worst prisons in our colonies. But even knowing that I don't hate the fascists and I hate communists and anarchists. We westerns tend to hate fascists because some of us had a fascist power or was fighting one. Some young people (and say again young) people turns to the left side and the communists. In the other end the Eastern Bloc it's the other way around. Has they had a communist past they hate communist and view the right-wing as a salvation. Can't you see that?

The fascists killed people? Yes. And the communists? Yes as well.
The fascits stole from the people? Yes. And the communists? Yes.

And don't start preaching about anarchism.. That's the true evil. You know why? Because the people who are anarchists are either living stealing from all of us not wanting to work and worst than that... They believe in the humankind. They believe humankind is responsable for themselves. What a laugh. Every human being is at heart a jeoulous person.
If fascism and communism are good utopias, anarchism is nothing. It's umpracticable.

I hope Macleod starts writing good books again.. If he wants to write a political book then I suggest he writes one and do not mix it with fiction. It's ridicolous.

Oh well...

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