TV Series: Stargate Atlantis and Other Series

I've been a fan of Stargate since it's beginning.
I enjoyed Stargate SG1 but only the first seasons. Then it got too much confusing and it seems they got to a dead end and were starting to make up stories with not good plots. Then Dean Richards leaved the series... darn.

Then we got Stargate Atlantis... now this was a good series. I enjoyed all five seasons and I was a bit of sad and upset when they cancelled. Rodney McKay was my favourite character and I will miss it.

Now we've got Stargte Universe. Just watched the first two episodes and so far so good. The formula is there. Let us see what they make of it.

One of the things I enjoyed was the episodes regarding explorating. Then others were far-streched with politics and bah...

Well there are only a few series I follow religiously...
Eureka, House MD, Star Wars Clone Wars, Stargate Universe, The Big Bang Theory. I also enjoyed Star Trek (Voyager mostly).

Well there are few good series than can add every episode with something new and interesting. Some start pretty good but then they go down a hill.

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