Review: The Cellar - Richard Laymon

Title The Cellar
Author Richard Laymon
Pages 254
Year 1980
Publisher Headline
Reading time 6 days (July 2009)
Rating 8 / 10

Lately I am into horror books but reading a good horror book is dificult because most horror books doesn't scare me at all... some of them are not even interesting. Nevertheless I went into it with a good impresion of the reviews... and I was glad I did it.

This book is called The Cellar which is the only atraction of a little village called Malcasa Point called. This house doesn't have any windows and was the site of gruesome deaths... Well so what to do with this house? Let us make a theme tour and make money out of it...

The book starts with a typical manner, intrducing the reader to what appears to be somewhate standard "horror novel" style opening. The introduction, title and subject points to another attempt to a basic book of horror but this is not the case.

The storyline breaks away from the predictable route and turns or weaves into a tale of bizarre full of bestiality, paedophilia, torture, blood and sex. If any of this things bother you be careful reading the book... The plot is the killings but another sub-plot involves a sociopath killer ex-husband who rapes, murders and steals his way through until they meet (the plots).
The end is quite bizarre and it has a twisted ending.

There are somethings that could be done better but int he end I was glad I had read the book. Not scare but maybe the next book by Laymon will do it...
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