Review: The Colour of Magic - Terry Pratchett

Title The Colour of Magic (1st on Discworld)
Author Terry Pratchett
Pages 285
Year 1983
Publisher Corgi
Reading time 5 days (January 2010)
Rating 7 / 10

After reading Mort and enjoying the book I wanted to read more from the Discworld so I start where I shouldn't had start or else I might give up reading them. In this book we follow the adventures of Rincewind the Wizard and his new found friend Twoflower, the first tourist and his weird luggage with a hundred feet. Well as I said before I didn't start with this one and thank Perkunos. Why? Well let me tell you something... In 2004 I bought several Terry Pratchett books. Mort, Carpet People, Colour of Magic and a couple others. Well as Carpet People was the first book he released I started there. Well I didn't enjoyed the book so I waited 5 years to try again. This time I started on Mort and I enjoyed so I thought maybe there are good books and bad books... Let start again. And so I did. I started from the beginning. Well I didn't enjoyed that much. It was good don't get me wrong but maybe I would wait a year or so to read another... Now I know he can make good books and bad books so I have to keep reading and find those gems... Well now for the book.

This book is the collection of four short stories tied-in together.
The story begins in Ankh-Morpok and until then it was doing nicely but afterwards I just lost interest but I continue reading because I don't want to end up with un-finished books and because I really want to like Pratchett. I think his ideas are good and his satyrical/humurous/parody way is somewhat funny. I just hope he improves with the passing of the books. Mort was better in this way. Maybe because of Death.
About the characters... ├Ľne thing I thought was that the writing style overshadow them as we wanted to get to learn more of them... But saying that the Luggage was the most interesting of them all and that's saying much. Rincewind is a failed wizard with a craven nature. He only knows one spell that he saw in a book and after memorizing every other spell doesn't want to be in his head. He meets the first tourist who is an insurance salesman (that unfortunally tries to teach the branch to his fellow new friends but just makes them burn half the city). Rincewind becomes an un-hero sort of a guy throughout the book and dull and anoying... Well and Twoflower... It's just there. He i a blissfully ignorant, cheery rube, blundering on protected from harm by his own inability to understand the danger he's in. One thing that make me thing is... In the beginning only Rincewind spoke is language but by the end he could speak with several other without problems.

I really hope that in the later novels he focus more... I read somewhere he should be Douglas Adams of Fantasy. I really hope he can make it because in this book I wouldn't have said that... Let us see...
In the end I must say this book is dull. Don't start on this book if you want to get into Discworld. Try Mort (it's the only other one I know) but it's a good book with Death as the Main character.
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