Disaster Movies - Part I

I always loved disasters movies and books. Having dozens of books and movies from time to time I get in the mood and start reading/watching... This all began with The Towering Inferno and other book which unfortunally I don't remember... It was a sad movie... I watch those movies when I was 9 or 10. To this day I never re-watched them but I still remember them vividly.

Well but this is the week of Disasters Movies. Having start with the popular 2012 today I watch a movie call Tidal Wave. It's a korean movie, the first disaster movie made there. It's about a ... tidal wave like the one that stroke the south of asia in 2004. It has some rare moments os pure distress and sorrow. The movie effects are very good for a budget of only 16 million us dollars. I think that in the end you couldn't have asked for more. The story is much more than a disaster movie like 2012 but it has some other issues... guilt, love, sorrow, parenthood and so on... It's more focused on the people rather than the tsunami. Well you could check it out... Either movie is great and should be watched... One for the special effects and the other for the plot itself...

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