Review: Dominion & Retribuition - Steven Savile

Title Dominion/Retribution
Author Steven Savile
Pages 416/416
Year 2006/2007
Publisher Black Library
Reading time I read it in 2007/2008
Rating 8.5 / 10

Well, I am reviewing this book despite that alread 3 years have passed. I still remember most of the plot and I add some things written here about these two books...
They are the second and the third of a trilogy about a family of vampires. It was a good trilogy and it's very unfortunate that Steven Savile is no longer a writer for Black Library. He could do so much... Oh well, life doesn't not always turns out as we wanted...
The review of the first book Inheritance can be found HERE.
In this book we are introduced to a new hero that will have a great impact in this book and the last. It's a Dwarf called Kallad with his has called Ruinthorn. He lives with a promise that he shall bring death (again) to all vile creatures specially undead. He was a prince and he was fighting at the walls of some keep that fell to the undead. His father and many of his followers sacrifice themselves to give kallad time to save some women and children.
The other two main character is Mannfred and Konrad von Carstein. Since the demise of Vlad fell in Altdorf those he sired battle themselves for domion. Mannfred wanders alone and forgotten. Mannfred only goal at that time was knowledge. He still has Vlad signet ring (with it's restorative magic), and within his goal there is a book with incantions crafted by Nagash.
Konrad meanwhile rules the court and prides himself with cruel savagery. He is to paranoid to trust any one even if picked every member of elite guard. (He reminds me of Ivan IV, The terrible a Russian tzar). Strangely enough Mannfred reminds me of Peter I the Great another russian tzar).
Then the second battle against the humans...
Meanwhile there are other characters who make this book so great.. Jon Skellon andf Jared from White Wolf changes...
Well this book is a build up for the last book... It is a good book with a good plot and great characterization. This book needs the third to be fully appreciated.

The third book does not disapoint anyone. It starts the same way the others had began and the end... well it's was not expected. Again great character building.

Obviously the story the book tell us were already known cause it's the Vampire Army Book but it was great seeing these way. I only thing that the vampires could dominate the humans if not by their own superiority = stupidity. It's a shame. In the end my vampire vampire was Vlad. No doubt and again the two SS I told before are there...
There is only another book by Steven Saville before he left called Curse of Necrach... It's a shame... he could really write about Vampires and could creat good characters... I really hope he is doing great out there...

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