Book Review: Dead by Dawn Vol 3 - Anthology

Title Dead by Dawn Vol 3
Author Adèle Hartley (Editor)
Pages 246
Year 2008
Reading time 1 day (February 2010)
Rating 5 / 10

Well this was the first anthology I read for some time. I have bought several and I will be reading in the following months. They seem are easier to read on transports. This is a collection of 28 stories. Most of them are prose, well to be exactly only one is a poem.

With such variety of short stories I would have to like some didn't I? Well I did like 6 or 7 stories. The rest were dull, odd, without imagination or just not that good story (or writing).

We have small stories with only one or two pages which for me don't work out as good as other stories.

We have some stories withe the following subjects: The process of leaving a children in the woods, crazy people, psycopath point of view, perversion, old ghost stories, stories with meanings like love hurts (not the regular way), beware of what you wish, death makes us do strange things (and then substitute death with love), raping stories, a story of an awful christimans murder, nightmare assassins's, mistakes do happen again ("fool me twice....") and "do unto others..."
Some stories are just plain nosence and if they wanted to scare me well they didn't. The only scary part on those stories is how in the nine pits of hell were they chosen to be on this anthologies.

There are a few writers that I search more of their stories like: David Wesley Hill, Morag Edward, Jamie Killen, Paul Kane or Aurelio Rico Lopez III.
In the end I wasn't pleased by this anthology. I really hoped for some more. Or I must understand the Horror theme a little better.
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