Review: Hater - David Moody

Title Hater
Author David Moody
Pages 232
Year 2006
Reading time 5 day (February 2010)
Rating 8 / 10

This was the second book I read from David Moody. The first was about 4 years ago and it was called Autumn. The book was avaiable online and so I read it on my dead time at my work.
I remember enjoying the book but I didn't bought the other books (as I remember they were not avaiable via amazon). When I saw that he was releasing some new books I thought of buying them and so I did. Well, unfortunally this is the first book of a series (or something like that). I don't enjoy reading a book that is a part of a series that I don't have. Now I have to wait several months to read the following book.

Well nevertheless this was a good book. This book ends with a somewhat cliffhanger. Well if the book should have stayed like this it would be great but I enjoy the setting and the main character thus it's good to have a new book following this one.

The premise of this book is one that I remember seeing on a movie... Can't remembe what movie was... well but the premise is this. Something is changing people (unrelated) and turning them into frighting death machines. No they are not frightening to others, they have so afraid that they attack savagely at the person trying to kill it. Imagine a cat on a corner with nowhere to go... They will attack savagely against the attacker even if they know they are going to die. Well that's the premise. We watch the situation degradating in the streets of a city and in the TV they see that the situation is spreading to other parts of that country.

We watch the changing not only in the country but on the lives of everyone as everyone is watching the surrouding person waiting to be the next victim of that strange condition. As the story progress we see the main character changing to the Haters (the name given to the ones who change) and the progress to rescue his little girl that is the hands of his wife. Unfortunally and as the army gets to the street to contain the violence he is capture. In the end he escape and tries to go for his child. The book as I said before ends in a cliffhanger and we have to read the next novel to know what happens... Does he kill his wife and two boy children to recover the girl?
Keep it up Moody. I really hope to see the Autumn series published again. Maybe on an omnibus edition.

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