How to train your Dragon - Cressida Cowell

Title How to Train your Dragon
Author Cressida Cowell
Pages 223
Year 2003
Reading Time 5 (Abril 2010)
Rating 6 out of 10

After seeing in the movies the book with this title and enjoyed it greatly I wanted to read the book... Well it was not that good. It's one of those rare occasions where the movies are better than the books... Besides the stories are totally different. There is almost nothing equal.. Oh well...

It starts with their training where young to-be-warriors go get a dragon a train them to fight and fish for them. The ones who cannot do it are banished. The story then jumps to the part where they train their dragons... With the sole exception of our main character, Hiccup, everyone trains their dragons the same way... YELLING. But Hiccup can talk to them... Then it comes the fishing contete where all of the recruits go to fight and are banished but not before a Huge Dragon arrives at the shore and only Hiccup can talk to him since Yelling does not work...

In the end there are some memorable funny sequences and descriptions but I didn't felt satisfied with the book. Besides it's a child novel... For them it may be good but for me... Oh well...
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