Review: Magestorm - Jonathan Green

Title Magestorm
Author Jonathan Green
Pages 250
Year 2004
Reading Time 3 (April 2010)
Rating 7 out of 10

I always been a avid reader of Black Library titles. I have this book for some years but as others in my collection they are here for me to read but I have so many books that is hard to me to decide...
I had read two books by Jonathan Green. First was Necromancer and then I read Crusade for Armageddon. Both were good but somewhat dissapointing... Then he left and went to work with Abaddon. But I think he is back with a short-story in Legends of Space Marines. Maybe he is returning... I read in some forums and some reviews that people didn't like his work. Well... It wasn't all that bad. Necromancer was not a action oriented book. It was a good book set in a city and we deal with the way of the necromancers. It was had a good atmosphere. One of the best I have ever read.

This book is set in the year of 2521 with the siege of Wolfenburg by Surtha Lenk. Our hero is a pyromancer (a Fire Wizard) and he has a quest... To twarth the plans of Chaos. The beginning he is dueling another wizard that had fallen to Chaos influence. We met some witch hunters that due to their fanatic attitude see things the wrong way and capture him. Another important character is a Battle Priest that as he travels to the lands he smite the evil doers and at the same time get an "entourage". Both parties converge on Wolfenburg as the Chaos Hordes start to siege...
It was a good novel with several points of views but the most important was the main character. I think he was not that well portrayed and the mystery of being the way he is revealed in the last couple of pages but that didn't helped. I really didn't care about any of them... There are even some plots who have no purpose (the witch hunters vs magician). The battle scenes were the best part including the siege. As I had read about the Storm of Chaos I knew how it would end.

There are better novels out there. I am currently reading another book with Mages. Christ Wraight's Masters of Magic. So far so good. Better than this one but I am only at page 100 so anything can happen...
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