Book Review: Lords of Valour - Various

Title Lords of Valour (Warhammer)
Author Various
Pages 287
Year 2001
Reading Time 16 (April & May 2010)
Rating 8 out of 10

Lords of Valour. Here's a book I start reading a while back then stopped only reading one story. Since I am trying to catch up with warhammer older books I started here. It was a good book to read. Here is my individuals reviews...

Faith - Robert Earl - A story about an Bretonnian Knight (and a squire) and the quest to be a knight. He tries to defeat an evil greater athan his brother. He has defeated some before but none pleases him enough. He arrives at a village in need of help of him. There he finds a fiend that masquerades as the Lady of the Lake (the sacred goddess of tne Knights) but he was not fool... I think it was a good story to begin with this book. I have read two books by Robert Earl but this was is chronological before. I always enjoy knights (and I always thought that more books about them should be written). 8/10

A Choice of Hatreds - C L Werner - This tale is probably the first tale of Mathias Thulman. I really enjoy it and it had some interesting points. Being a Witch Hunter and after reading some books with witch hunters (none were main characters) I was taken aback that this was not an ordinary Witch Hunter.The story is quite good and the ending was very twisted. It is a good thing I read this story. Maybe sometime later this year I will read the trilogy of Mathias Thulman. 9.5/10

Tybalt's Quest - Gav Thorpe - Another interesting tale with a Bretonnian Knight. It was as good as the first but good nevertheless. This one had necromancers in it which are always interesting. It ended pretty quickly. 7/10
Who Mourns a Necromancer - Brian Craig - Being a fan of Brian Craig (Brian Stableford) it was a tale I had read several years before and now I read it again. Unfortunally it was not it's best. It's interesting because this is not a story with action as the previous. This is a tale of a Necromancer. As I say this word it comes to our mind a person who deals with the dead. We see it as a awful people who wants to to bring back the dead and recluse being. Then read this this tale. It has nothing of it. I enjoy that part but I think he could been better 7.5/10

Son and Heir - Ian Winteron - This is a tale of a author who didn't write a full novel to black library. All others have. This tale again it has Bretonnians and it takes us to a battle for faith. how appearances ilude. I enjoy the tale even if it remind me of something. The characters were that good either... 6/10
The Judas Goat - Robert Earl - This tale didn't had bretonnians. It was a tale about a band of fighters patrolling outside the city of Nuln. As their numbers dwindle he captain thought of desertion but the reality was other. They were being betrayed by one of them to the skaven. It had a good main character but besides that I didn' enjoy it. 6.5/10
The Sound which Wakes You - Ben Chessell - This tale is set on Bretonnia of old times. I mean that corrupted Bretonnia that vanished. It's a tale of a small village where an iron fist lord use it's land as it's private kingdom. There we know a young boy with rebellion on his mind and he sets a plan to free the village that doesn't go as plan. Good story but it's a cliche 7/10

Portrait of My Undying Lady - Gordon Rennie - This tale depicts vampires and an artist. Being one of my favourite writers than unfortunally left Black Library I was pleased to read the tale. It was a story with good characters and no fighting. I enjoy it even if it was nothing special. 7.5/10

The Plague Pit - Jonathan Green - This a tale of Torbar and it's mercenaries. Probably the first story. I have the book the Dead and the Damned that was released two years later. It was a good tale of them against a nurgle daemon prince. I thought it realistic and I am leaning to read the book in the following months.. 8/10

Ancestral Honour - Gav Thorpe - The first tale of Dwarves. Being beings of honour to the guts it's odd that nobody else made a story of dwarves. It was one of the my favourite tales. Undoubtl Gav Thorpe is good with dwarves. He wrote a full novel (linked storis) some years later which turned out good. I really hope he writes antoher book in the near future (with dwarves that is). 9/10

A Gentleman's War - Neil Rutledge -This tale was quite good. I don't know why Rutledge didn't wrote a full novel. This is a tale of a small dispute in the border of the empire and bretonnia. As our main character full of honour (the ones in ballads and court) goes into his first battle. We see two world clashing. Honour vs Winning. It was good even if it depicts everyone without honour besides the main character (I think the writer wanted to made him a boy with that Honour found in books but not used). Besides that criticism to one valour (I may be wrong), I enjoyed the tale. 8.5/10

The Ultimate Ritual - Neil Jones & William King - This was an odd story. It has one of the most acclaimed writers in the Black Library and I enjoyed it. It was a tale into the unknown. I don't think I had ever read anyting going so far into the realms of chaos (besides C L Werners books) and besides that into the sea of souls where they see the constelations of the ruinous powers and even talk to Tzeentch. I don't know if we were supposed to know that much. It even hinted into the warhammer 40k with machines 80feet hight that could level cities.. (titans?) It was a good tale. If it had a couple more pages depicting all that scenery it would be great. 9.5/10
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