Review: Sea of Swords - R A Salvatore (Forgotten Realms)

Title Sea of Swords (Drizzt 13 or 14 book)
Author R A Salvatore
Pages 390
Year 2001
Reading Time 5 days (May 2010)
Rating 8 out of 10

After reading The DarkElf Trilogy, The Icewind Dale Trilogy and the Legacy of the Drow quadrology I read the the Path of Darkness books where the Sea of Swords is the last one. I remember reading The Silent Blade and Servant of the Shard but I remember as well giving up on Spine of the World twice. Since it was a book about Wulfgar I gave up and after a couple of years I started again and quit yet again. I then began to read this one and it was quite good. As I remember Drizzt books being. In the near future I will read the next two trilogies about Driztt and the one with Artemis Entreri and Jarlaxle.

This character has now 20 books I think. And I read that Wizards of the Coast made another deal with him for more six Drizzt books... I hope they don't decide to kill the character so he can "pursuit other interests" as they always put it. I think Salvatore is a great writer and everything he do goes well. (except the book with Wulfgar Spine of the World). I have as well The Demon Wars Saga 7 books. I hope they are quite as good as this are.
The Sea of Swords is the story of how Drizzt and his friends try and track down Wulfgar's magical hammer Aegis Fang. They stop Wulfgar's new wife Delly Curtie from being murdered in Waterdeep and are eventually reunited with Wulfgar himself with help from their old crewmate Robillard of the Sea Sprite. They track down the pirate Sheila Kree, the one who bought the hammer back in Luskan and who has now turned it into a symbol of her power. They discover her cohabiting in a cave complex with an ogre clan which she has bent to her will. There, Drizzt is faced by Ellifain, the elf child he saved when he was a part of a drow surface raid. She blames him for killing her mother; they fight and he unintentionally kills her, and with a little help from Morik the Rogue they succeed in taking back Wulfgar's weapon. Wulfgar then takes his family to Mithral Hall to live with his old friends.

One thing that I remember from the other books that I read four or five years ago were the fighting sequences. I remember vividly them because they were long (longer than any other book) and better written. I remember tryin' them with my sword. This book had some fighting sequences quite good.
I will try reading Warhammer and Forgotten Realms books two or three a month.
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