Review: Hour of the Daemon - Aaron Rosenborg

Title Hour of the Daemon (Book III Daemon Gates)
Author Aaron Rosenborg
Pages 256
Year 2007
Reading Time 5 days (June 2010)
Rating 8 out of 10

After reading the first two novels I had to read the last one as soon as possible. What can I say? Again Aaron did it again but it was the weakest of the three.

If the characterization was good and the turning of Alaric to the dark side was very entertaining in the other hand this book had almost nothing of fluff to give us besides a few hints of the sacred forest of the wood elves.

On the plus side Kristoff is back from the first adventure and the tracker called Lankdorf from the second.

So why the dissapointing? The end. It was almost anti-climatic...

Let me begin from the start. Both Alaric and Dietz have travelled around the Olde Worlde and defeated for two times a Daemon. In the third book they travelled again from Middenhein to the grey mountains. There they defeated a demon with the "help" of some wood elves who have threatened them. As they for the third time thwarted the plans of the daemon the elves appear and yet again say that they are trespassing Athel Loren so they must die.... And the last chapter ends with them three (Alaric, Kristoff and Dietz) charging the elves (with superior numbers). The epilogue is set on the river on a small boat with a dying man who we get no gilimpse of who it is... (well it says that he's got a scared face so it must be Alaric who got his face scared by Glouste when saving him from the daemon).

So what happenned? After defeating an horde of enemies they die by the hands of a bunch of mythical elves who are not even evil? It's an inverted deus ex machina... enfin
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