Review: Night of the Daemon - Aaron Rosenborg

Title Night of the Daemon (Book II Daemon Gates)
Author Aaron Rosenborg
Pages 256
Year 2007
Reading Time 4 days (May 2010)
Rating 9 out of 10

This is the second on this awesome trilogy. The first I reviewed here and I must say that so far I am enjoying it. There are many trilogies where the second book suffers from the plot, characterization or whatever. But this book I didn't feel like it.

This second book is almost set in the Border Princes, which for me worked just fine since I think I've never read anything set there.

Again this author gives us a good story (I think it was not as good as the previous one) but what lacks in depth gains in history lessons. We learn a lot about the Border Princes. How they work and what are made off. We learn of other humans settlements outside the empire and the history of the Tomb Kings which resembles (a lot) with the old egyptians. I don't think I have ever read any book in Black Library that gave so much of this fluff... ( i think this is the correct term). Again this book we have our two main (and the tree-fox) characters from the previous books. Alaric the noble and archaelogist and Dietz the tomb raider and the one doing all the dirty work (and Glouste). We get to know a little more of their relations and how they think. So another point to characterization. There are more than a dozen small characters helpers or villains but no one worth mention. There are only two that I hope to see them later. One a bounty hunter that in the beggining captures then turns their friend (if you can call it that) and another a araby woman which controls a small kingdom. Besides those characters the others are flat and not that good.

The story begins in the end of the other book as they go search for clues about a artifact with heretic powers. In the way they battle humans and skeletons and even a lich. For the second time they defeat a Khorne Demon (this one not trapped inbetween dimensions as the previous one) but inside a man (nevertheless trapped). Maybe in the third book he will be fully released.
We get to know a lot more about Alaric and it's transformation... There is something odd in that character. A change. Being a avid reader of Black Library that's not a good thing. When I mention odd I mention things like healing super fast or the demons knowing his name or dreams that reveal something important like a way to a tomb or a city. I think the development of this character will be the most important thing on the third book.

I really hope that the third book continues with this pace and characterization and plot. The question forming in my mind is this... Why didn't he write more books to Black Library?
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