Reviews: Aesop Fables & Fisica do Impossivel & Green Phoenix

I read this two books in April and May. Both books are not the usual I read but sometimes I must get way from the Science Fiction and Fantasy and sometimes I need to read in Portuguese so I thought of reading a Michio Kaku's book. It was a good book with strange ideas and some of them I took for granted on my books. It was good book and I would like to read the second book by him... Maybe in the near future. Now Aesop Tales was a different book... It was a collection of stories, most of them we all know in our own countries... I would advice you to read in wikipedia. I think most of them are there.

The last book in my Small Reviews post is Green Phoenix. A book by Thomas Burnett Swann with barely 139 pages. It was a boring book which I didn't enjoy the least. It was probably my unfavoured book of this year. It has a good premise... It has dryads and some charcters from ancient greek texts and mythologies. Unfortunaly I couldn't grasp the novel and the characters were not that good...
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