Review: Bloodquest (Graphic Novel) - Gordon Rennie & Colin MacNeil

Title Blooquest (Eye of Terror Trilogy)
Author Gordon Rennie & Colin MacNeil
Publisher Black Library
Year 2005
Stand Alone or series Stand Alone
Pages 256
Rating 9/10

Captain Leonatos loses the fabled Blade Encarmine -- a sword of great power and reverence to the Blood Angles Chapter of Space Marines on the field of battle. Exiled from the chapter, he must lead his troops deep into enemy territory to retrieve this icon of the Blood Angels and redeem himself and his troops.

Review / VeridictWhen I bought the complete collection of Graphic Novels that the Black Library published in 2005 this was one of the books that entered my mind and I didn't forget it. Why? Because the drawings are excelent and most of them are not at all confusing. The letters are not confusing as well. Daemonifuge failed in that part. The images are spectacular. Some of them didn't left my mind and when I read a Black Library book depicting Chaos I usually imagine them from this book. As the Summary says Leonatos is tasked to find the sword or else he won't redeem himself. Some other space marines go with him. In this tale they fight Orks and all kinds of Chaos Scum from the lowest caste to daemons. The first two novels are that retrival of the sword and battle throughtout the world full of chaos soldiers. They encounter some interesting allies and in the end they are able to retrieve the sword with a lot of pain. After the retrival the survivors return to the world to search for Leonatos. This last part is probably my favourite. Very good read. The book is of course out of print but you can buy this book instead. It compiled these three graphic novels, Space Hulk (a novella), four short stories and Heart of Rage a prose version of a audio drama. The price is very small compared what would you pay for each indiviual piece. You can buy it here

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