Book Review: Red Thirst - Anthology

Title - Red Thirst
Author - Anthology (6 Writers)
Year - 1990
Stand Alone or Series - Anthology Fantasy (6 Stories)
Pages - 226 (Mass Paperback)
Reading Time - April 2007

This was the third book released by Boxtree before being Black Library. Again the art is crude but good. Look at Gotrek. It doesn't look like an evil fearful looking dwarf but okay. It was the best they could do at the time.

Red Thirst - Jack Yeovil (Silver Nails) 
The Dark Beneath the World - William King (Trollslayer)
The Spells Below - Neil Jones 
The Light of Transfiguration - Brian Craig 
The Song - Steve Baxter  (Not Re-Released)
The Voyage South - Nicola Griffiths  (Not Re-Released)

The first tale I didn't read it. The second is on Trollslayer and it's the centerpiece on this anthology. Like the previous books. In these tale they travel to the mountains and battle goblins and a troll. These tale we learn more about Gotrek and Felix and how Felix got his sword. Nice tale. 

The Spells Below by Neil Jones is a tale of a wizard, a young woman and a familiar. He being a wizard is considered a follower of chaos and she tries to make them see that he isn't. Another tale that could belong to Forgotten Realms.

 The Light of Transfiguration - Brian Craig  is a story about a nun and the temptation by some chaos relics. Quite dark and fully fit on the gothic world of warhammer. Again Craig gives the story something that reminds us of Poe. Nice tale about Shallya and how they work. Quite good. 

 The Song - Steve Baxter  (Not Re-Released)
Another Halfling detective of some kind and his work by a sinister elf. Nothing that will make you think twice. Despensable on these tale.

 The Voyage South - Nicola Griffiths  (Not Re-Released)
Nothing spectacular that after some years I don't remember a bit.
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