Book Review: Mirror Mirror by Sabine Bauer

Title -  Mirror Mirror 
Author - Sabine Bauer
Year - 2008
Stand Alone or Series - SG Atlantis 9
Pages - 353
Reading Time - September 2011

As you all know I am a Stargate Atlantis afficionado. And even if the books aren't that good I try reading them. Why? Because I Really love the series. But some stories don't feel Stargate Atlantis stories. And this was one of them. Even the characters didn't felt like those we knew. 

Basically we have several dimensions and each one with our characters. So each one is one dimension and must find a way to the right one. Everyone got a part and in this novel even Zelenka as the right to "speak". 

Unfortunally there is too much time wasted with everyone seperated that I didn't enjoy. And as I said before each character felt different from what we are used to it. Even the funny dialogues so characteristic from the colonel and Mckay aren't that good. 4/10

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