Review - Ancient Blood Robert Earl

Title Ancient Blood
Author Robert Earl
Year 2008
Stand Alone or Series Stand Alone
Pages 416
Reading Time 40 days

Another great tale by Robert Earl. That's the main point.
First in went to Lustria now we learn about about the Striganny and the Strigoi. For what I know, the other Lorenzo books he goes to Brettonia and Ogre Kingdoms. The Corrupted (which I have already read) is set on a empire city and The Chaos Wastes. 

If you like to learn about the Olde World inhabittants and beasts then this is a book for you. If you like Striganny and Strigoi then this is the book for you. Here you will learn about their life, their problems, the relation with the Strigoi (Old Fathers) and their god Ushoran. You will also learn more about Their past and future.

The book sets as the elector count of Averland and Stirland want to rid the Olde World of the Striganny. For that he enlists other powerful lords and amass a huge army of mercenaries led by a ruthless commander. The Striganny in the other hand just want to continue their life but are pushed together to Flintmar where they are told they will be safe. There they must join, instead of fighting independently, because each caravan is led by a Domnu (leader) and a Petru (a magic person) and renew old pacts. The Strigoi which we learn are the protectors of the Striganny people (pay attention to chapter 13, to me one of the best fluff scenes in any warhammer books) aid them from the shadows. Here Ushoran the leader of the Strigoi and God of the Strigany make a decision to reinstate the old court of Morkhai, destroyed by Orcs several millenia before. The Striganny also make the decision if they go to Morkhai or stay and be hunted in the Empire. The ending is good and leaves the author with the possibility of another book but I don't think he will do it because the ending is quite good this way.

The characters are solid and remind me of Gypsies (of course) of old times. Not the nowadays gypsies but the gypsies of europe that travel between cities in circus and traders. Averland and the commander of the mercenary army are quite good as well but Ushoran is undoubtly the best character there. I didn't knew about him and now... I do. 
The battle scenes are fast and good, never dwelling much on independent fights but as a whole. 

I recommend as I said to anyone who wants to learn more about the Vampire Strigoi, Ushoran, Strigany, Dogs of War and the Empire in the time of the Three Emperors. 8/10
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