Review: Deep Storm - Lincoln Child

Title Deep Storm
Author Lincoln Child
Year 2007
Stand Alone or Series Stand Alone
Pages 419
Reading Time 6 days (June)

In this explosive new thriller, one of the most incredible and frightening discoveries mankind has ever faced is about to surface.On an oil platform in the middle of the North Atlantic, a terrifying series of illnesses is spreading through the crew. When expert naval doctor Peter Crane is flown in, he finds his real destination is not the platform itself but Deep Storm: a top secret aquatic science facility, two miles below on the ocean floor. And as Crane soon learns, the covert operation he finds there is concealing something far more sinister than a medical mystery-and much more deadly.

This was a good fast-paced book. With 62 chapters, a prologue and an epilogue you can expect a quick read. The setting is quite good. In the beginning you are led to believe that Atlantis has been found but the truth is quite grim. As the main character discovers the secrets of that station the pace of the book quickens.

It's a thriller and it got an hero, a medical hero, a saboteur inside the station, you've a traitor selling secrets and you've got the Goverment always shadowing the process and the characters. It's a thriller turn adventure in the likeness of Clive Cussler. There are a couple of things that were really inovative like the mathematics involved on this novel and also the plot itself. 

Spoiler Alert The place beneath Deep Storm is not the fabled Atlantis but it seems our earth was viable as a dumping ground for massive weapons of aliens. Haven't see that plot before. Quite good.


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